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Gaining relevant co-op experience is an essential part of earning a B.Tech. degree. This required program component will allow students to gain valuable work experience and career connections.

One four-month work term is completed after the second year of study, and one eight-month term is completed in the third year.

While support and guidance is available through the Engineering Co-op and Career Services to assist students with job searching, resume writing and interviewing skills, it is ultimately the responsibility of the student to satisfy the co-op program requirement.

Co-op Process


Fall (Sept - Dec)

Winter (Jan - Apr)

Summer (May-Aug)

Year 1

Level IA

Level IB


Year 2

Level IIA

Level IIB

Co-op Work Term 1

Year 3

Level IIIA

Co-op – Work Term 2

Co-op – Work Term 3

Year 4

Level IIIB

Level IVA


Year 5

Level IVB

  • All students must take the co-op preparation course, Eng Tech 1EE0 in Level IA. This course is taken prior to going on the first work term in the summer following the Level II academic year.
  • Students must complete all course work in Level IA, IB, IIA, and IIB before going on their first co-op work term.
  • The work term must be completed before entering Level IIIA academic term.
  • The second and third work terms are taken together as an eight month placement after successful completion of Level IIIA. Students must register for these co-op courses at the same time as they register for their academic courses.
  • The preparation course requires attendance of two, four-hour sessions held in Level IIA prior to going on co-op. Topics that will be covered in this course are as follows: self-assessment, cover letter and resume writing, OSCAR (online job posting website) orientation, networking, job search methods, interviewing and workplace professionalism.
  • Students must also participate in a co-op debriefing session at the beginning of the academic term immediately following each work term experience.
  • There is a co-op administrative fee of $600.00 per four-month work term experience which includes the cost of the preparation course. These fees are collected at the beginning of the academic year together with the tuition fees for that academic year.
  • In order to secure a co-op work term, students will need to apply for co-op postings, either through employers’ websites, via McMaster University’s online job posting website (known as OSCAR), and/or networking.
  • A student will be allowed to find a field-related job on their own, if desired. They must first contact the Engineering Co-op and Career Services (ECCS) office to obtain authorization for doing this in lieu of a co-op placement term obtained through ECCS. Those who do this must take the preparation course and do the debriefing session.

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