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Team of B.Tech. and B.Eng. students win MacCAD Designathon

February 21, 2017

winning designathon team working on their design
Ali Baqir, Eissa Ahmad, Rohit Rawat, and Abdul Basit Khan work on their winning
design at the 2017 MacCAD Designathon.

Have you ever parked your car in such a tight parking space that you have to squeeze your way through a seemingly impossible sliver to get out?

Leave it to 4 Faculty of Engineering students to design their way out of this ‘tight spot.’

At the MacCAD Designathon, teams of students were given three design problems and tasked to solve one:

  • Canadian Space Agency: Lunar Rover Concept Problem (CSA):
    • Design a mechanism which holds a radiator and science unit assembly together during the day, but is able to separate at night so heat is not lost to the outside environment.
  • Capturing the Wind Around a Moving Car (DRAM):
    • Create a mechanism or machine which captures the energy of moving air surrounding a busy freeway due to vehicle motion.
  • Redesigning a Car Door (Designathon Organisers):
    • Design a mechanism which can be implemented in generic car models, allowing doors to open with as little space as possible.

The winning team was comprised of 4 Process Automation Technology students (Ali Baqir, Eissa Ahmad, Rohit Rawat) and 1 Mechanical Engineering student (Abdul Basit Khan). Together, the team solved the car door problem in just 1 hour, using 3D modelling software and 3D printers to design, model, and print their solution.

Ahmad attributes his group’s time management skills and familiarity with the software to their win, proving that a well-rounded combination of core technical and soft skills fuel success.

With this being the first Designathon in Canada, Ahmad and his team look forward to future events that combine design with every day, “real world” problems.  
Congratulations on your win!

Media Contact: 
Valerie Hillman, Recruiting and Promotion Coordinator, McMaster-Mohawk Bachelor of Technology Program 905-525-9140 ext. 21644