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2017 Bachelor of Technology Association

The Bachelor of Technology Association is a student run organization committed to improving both the social and academic experience of B.Tech. students. Whether you are looking for used textbooks or have a great idea for a student event, the BTA can help you!

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General Inquiries: btechassociation@gmail.com

BTA Members


Position & Email

Vrushank Desai

President desaiv6@mcmaster.ca

Rachel Lu

Vice President Administration lur5@mcmaster.ca

William Kim

Vice President External kimw1@mcmaster.ca

Zeel Modi

Co-Social Officer modiz@mcmaster.ca

Victoria Anderson

Co-Social Officer andersov@mcmaster.ca

Lauren Dubois

Co-Athletics Officer duboisl@mcmaster.ca

Alexander Greco

Co-Athletics Officer grecoap@mcmaster.ca

Mark Jaskiewicz Dobrowlanski

Co-Financial Officer jaskiewm@mcmaster.ca

Ilker Hadzhalaran

Co-Financial Officer hadzhali@mcmaster.ca

Gurman Johal

Co-Communications Officer gurman49@outlook.com

Apoorv Sirdeshpande

Co-Communications Officer apoorv.s94@gmail.com

Mark Kaldas

First Year Rep kaldasm@mcmaster.ca

George Sinanios

First Year Rep georgesinanios@hotmail.com

Natalie Brown

Automotive and Vehicle Rep. brownnm3@mcmaster.ca

Dimpy Modi

Biotechnology Rep. modid1@mcmaster.ca

Krista Ryk

Process Automation Rep. rykk@mcmaster.ca

Flavio Leite

Co-Co-op Officer flaviolucioleite@yahoo.com

Biranavan Chandramohan

Co-Co-op Officer chandb@mcmaster.ca

Victor Skvortsov

CIM Student Liaison skvortsv@mcmaster.ca