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B.Tech. Ambassador Program


Who are B.Tech. Ambassadors?  
B.Tech. Ambassadors are approachable students that are very enthusiastic about the program. They are willing to participate in extracurricular program activities and to speak about their experience in the program. B.Tech. Ambassadors are outgoing and reliable people pivotal to the B.Tech. community. They are looking to increase their social network and promote the Bachelor of Technology program.

Why become a B.Tech. Ambassador? 
It is a great opportunity to meet upper year students and to socialize with your professors outside of class. Ambassadors are encouraged to share their experiences with everyone, for example, high school students, professors and upper year students. Being an Ambassador provides a new social dimension to your program experience. It also provides valuable communications experience for your resume!

How it works:

  • Complete 1 hour of volunteer work on campus = 1 point
  • Complete 1 hour of volunteer work off campus = 2 points
  • Submit a profile for our website = 10 points
  • Answer 1 email inquiry from a prospective student = 2 points
  • Conduct 1 personalized tour (outside of a scheduled event) = 3 points

10 points = You are an official B.Tech. Ambassador - put that on your resume!

25 points
= Tell your prospective employer to call us for a reference. We will also provide you with a Linkedin endorsement.

40 points
= We'll write you a personalized reference letter and Linkedin recommendation.

50 points
= You made it! We'll issue you a Certificate of Distinction and a B.Tech. gift of appreciation. We will also continue to act as a reference for you for future job positions to highlight your communication skills.



New to the Ambassador Program? In 2 or 3 brief sentences, describe why would you make a great B.Tech. Ambassador.








There are currently no events scheduled.  


Questions? email btech@mcmaster.ca